How to choose a wedding dress Muslim

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wedding dressmarriage is a sacred thing and everyone certainly just want to get married one time lifetime. any loving couples want a wedding that they certainly successful and memorable titles, both in terms of the party or of clothing or dress clothing worn. for a Muslim himself is a must to choose the wedding dress according to the rules of religion but still fashionable and elegant look. The following are some tips for choosing a wedding dress that will surely help you

For those of you who are overweight and also short certainly want to create the impression of a rather thin and looks high with Muslim wedding dress that you will wear. For this you need to outsmart avoid Muslim wedding dress is too much knitting. With the many knitted course you will look fat is not as you wish. You also have to be smart to choose a wedding dress, wedding dress made light or you choose a wedding dress made from shiffon. In addition, you also have to avoid dresses with dark-colored stack model and the fact you seem look fat in front of people.

For short stature and thin also advised not to choose a wedding dress that falls in the waist because it would give the impression look shorter. And also choose a dress that has a little blob that impressed you look fatter.

For the latter, namely the high posture necessarily choose the dress is not so difficult because of the shape of the body which is very ideal and match-fit impressed with the dress uses. Will be visible if you do not choose the perfect wedding dress that has a lot of clumps as impressed not match.

above are some tips in choosing a wedding dress that has been adapted with each body shape. I hope these tips help to add to the charm of you who want to perform marriages

How to organize a small kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. There are many ways to add to the decor in the kitchen and make it look inviting and warm. but it would be the downside if the cycle we have turned out to be small and can not move freely degan, but you do not worry there are some tips that will make your small kitchen look more comfortable. Here are some tips to decorate yours kitchen;

small kitchen
1. Use of kitchen cabinets in the kitchen, first make sure the size of the kitchen cabinet in accordance with the remaining space in the kitchen that looks neat and not waste space.

2. Prepare a frequently used kitchen equipment, kitchen equipment certainly a lot with various functions, but to keep the neatness and widespread impression, you are required to only prepare the equipment that you use frequently while others you can save

3. To maximize your activities in a small kitchen, you should use a multifunctional equipment, to buy a multifunctional kitchen appliances we can save space and our narrow kitchen room

4. Avoid the kitchen of dirty stuff. By not allowing dirty equipment stacked in the kitchen will also give the impression area, dirty kitchen equipment can sickening when the eye, in addition to making the room feel cramped and small.

5. Intelligent set kitchen shelves. The setting is nice and smart shelf is also important especially for those of you who have a small kitchen. Shelves in the kitchen as a seasoning should be set in such a way, put spices that are often used while the rest can be stored in a closet or kitchen cabinet

5 tips above can mead one alternative to organize your kitchen, especially small kitchen. Actually basically a small kitchen is not a hindrance to your activity and cook delicious food.

Various functions of the wheelchair

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A wheelchair is a tool that is used as a walker for people suffering from disorders in walking or difficulty in walking, either because he was injured or paralyzed leg. This tool can be driven by driven by another person, using his own hand or using an automatic machine. It is estimated, the first concept wheelchair has created more than 6,000 years ago.below are 3 main functions of the wheelchair

1. moving (such as a regular wheelchair),
2. commode chair (toilet seat),
3. reclining (wheelchair that can be used as a bed).

Wheelchair main frame is made of steel bedpans crome with attractive design of plastic material gray color which has been equipped with closed chamber pots. With practical design, this chair can be removed per component without the help of tools and wheel chair can be folded.

There are several types of wheelchair commonly used are:
1. wheelchair user
2. The electric wheelchair
3. Wheelchairs for sport
4. Wheelchairs for children

Wheelchair was certainly has ome general fasititas shall be equipped with wheelchair accessibility for users such as:

1. The sidewalks are fitted slope at each intersection / junction with a road or building access.
2. The slope to enter the building,
3. Lift specialized in multi-storey buildings are equipped with escalators
4. Public transport with a low floor (low floor)
5. special car parking facilities for people with disabilities