How to choose a wedding dress Muslim

wedding dressmarriage is a sacred thing and everyone certainly just want to get married one time lifetime. any loving couples want a wedding that they certainly successful and memorable titles, both in terms of the party or of clothing or dress clothing worn. for a Muslim himself is a must to choose the wedding dress according to the rules of religion but still fashionable and elegant look. The following are some tips for choosing a wedding dress that will surely help you

For those of you who are overweight and also short certainly want to create the impression of a rather thin and looks high with Muslim wedding dress that you will wear. For this you need to outsmart avoid Muslim wedding dress is too much knitting. With the many knitted course you will look fat is not as you wish. You also have to be smart to choose a wedding dress, wedding dress made light or you choose a wedding dress made from shiffon. In addition, you also have to avoid dresses with dark-colored stack model and the fact you seem look fat in front of people.

For short stature and thin also advised not to choose a wedding dress that falls in the waist because it would give the impression look shorter. And also choose a dress that has a little blob that impressed you look fatter.

For the latter, namely the high posture necessarily choose the dress is not so difficult because of the shape of the body which is very ideal and match-fit impressed with the dress uses. Will be visible if you do not choose the perfect wedding dress that has a lot of clumps as impressed not match.

above are some tips in choosing a wedding dress that has been adapted with each body shape. I hope these tips help to add to the charm of you who want to perform marriages