Various functions of the wheelchair

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A wheelchair is a tool that is used as a walker for people suffering from disorders in walking or difficulty in walking, either because he was injured or paralyzed leg. This tool can be driven by driven by another person, using his own hand or using an automatic machine. It is estimated, the first concept wheelchair has created more than 6,000 years ago.below are 3 main functions of the wheelchair

1. moving (such as a regular wheelchair),
2. commode chair (toilet seat),
3. reclining (wheelchair that can be used as a bed).

Wheelchair main frame is made of steel bedpans crome with attractive design of plastic material gray color which has been equipped with closed chamber pots. With practical design, this chair can be removed per component without the help of tools and wheel chair can be folded.

There are several types of wheelchair commonly used are:
1. wheelchair user
2. The electric wheelchair
3. Wheelchairs for sport
4. Wheelchairs for children

Wheelchair was certainly has ome general fasititas shall be equipped with wheelchair accessibility for users such as:

1. The sidewalks are fitted slope at each intersection / junction with a road or building access.
2. The slope to enter the building,
3. Lift specialized in multi-storey buildings are equipped with escalators
4. Public transport with a low floor (low floor)
5. special car parking facilities for people with disabilities