ADVAN Starnote S55 with Anti-Typo and Voice Smart Typing


ADVAN Starnote S55 with Anti-Typo and Voice Smart Typing – Along with the development of the digital world, the existence of smartphones in Indonesia continues to grow therein. Increasing number of smart innovation that comes thanks to all the needs of consumers. Through the ADVAN launched its latest smartphone, the ADVAN Starnote S55 with its flagship features like Voice Typing and Ideal Keypad Smart Size.

“By using the tagline Ideal Big Smartphone, we try to answer the needs and trends in the industry. Unwittingly, national gadgets trend is now entering the era of the screen war. For that, we present a smartphone with 5.5-inch screen size with IPS technology Screen comfortable the concept Eye Care Distance. This concept allows the adjustment of the size of the screen with eye visibility so it is more convenient and makes the eyes do not get tired easily, “said Tjandra Lianto, ADVAN Marketing Director at launch ADVAN Starnote S55 in Jakarta, Thursday (04/23/2015) .

Besides comfortable on the eyes, ADVAN STARNOTE S55 also comfortable in the hand to chat or typing paper. Excellence is supported by features Keypad Ideal Size ADVAN STARNOTE S55 is a key type with the ideal size to put right at the keypad characters fingertip touch point. So that it can minimize errors in typing or typo. In addition, to answer consumer mobility, such as that experienced by motorists for example, Advan has been equipped with Smart Voice Typing that allows conversion of voice into text high accuracy. So users simply speak only to make message, and writing of the sound will come out. This feature is more interesting because it is not limited by the maximum length of a voice that issued the user.

In using the Smart Voice Typing should be strengthened with the Internet network, the minimum in the quality of 3G. The better connectivity owned, then the sooner the text generated. Advan Starnote S55 also comes with USB OTG provide ease of transfer media files from flash or store Air-USB slot and a stylus which makes it easy to edit pictures by touching the screen.

Specifications ADVAN STARNOTE S55:
As for specs uses Android OS 4.4 KitKat. run 4 core processor (quad core) speed of 1.2 GHz. To support the acceleration, ADVAN STARNOTE S55 has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB Internal Memory. Capacity of 2300 mAh battery allows ADVAN STARNOTE S55 accompany the daily activities of the users in running various applications. Meanwhile, to support the need for users to take pictures, the smartphone is equipped with dual cameras. 5MP rear camera and 2MP front.

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All these advantages Advan boxed for teens segment in Indonesia with a very affordable price. Advan Starnote S55 can be obtained with a price range of $ 1.399 million. Advan targeting sales of about 2,000 units per month in the national market of Indonesia. For the success of the target, the ADVAN took JKT48 and Sherina as brand endorser of this product. According to Andy Gusena, Brand Marketing & Strategic Consultant ADVAN expressed that the endorser is quite effective in touching adolescent consumer desire to buy a product.

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