Hungry Penguin On Ice Cream Land

Hungry Penguin On Ice Cream Land – Do you really like the different types of ice cream that is certainly very tasty and refreshing. Here there is a penguin who is also very fond of and very fond of various types of ice cream.



Today was a very hot day, the penguin is also wants to eat an ice cream was very tasty and also good for relieving heat. But this time he did not find a ses cream that is suitable for relieving the heat.

Then surprisingly did he come to your house, he knows that you know a road that would lead to a land that is very full of ice cream that has a lot of flavor.

And your job is you have to help the little penguin to get to the magical land that has a wide variety of ice cream flavors such download permainan memasak lot. But you step in guiding the penguin is certainly very easy, as all the instructions will be provided so that you can lead the Penguins to a dream land safely.

However, you also have to be careful lest you let the little penguin is a chili, because then your score will be reduced. But if you feed the penguins with the ice cream very much then you will get a lot of value as well. So immediately you play this one game and deliver the penguin to get to the land of dreams. Hungry Penguin On Land Ice Cream.