Husks Koto gadang 


Husks Koto Tower | Wall of China Bukittinggi. Koto Tower is the name of a village or a village located at the bottom of Agam district so to get to this place must revolve around the canyon can be said to have become isolated area of ??the town of Bukittinggi. The tourists or tourists who want to visit Koto Gadang often cancel his intention due to the condition of the road that must be passed. Therefore, the presence of a bunch or the bridge canyon or Bukittinggi Ateh can directly pass Bantolaweh and then arrive at Koto canyon Tower.2

Koto Tower has the potential areas that could be relied upon, especially handicrafts namely silver, woven loyal Amai then there is also the famous culinary curry duck lado mudo identical with spicy taste appetizing. So it is ideal for visiting tourists.

Husks Koto Tower | Wall of China Bukittinggi
If you are from New York City, to go Husks Koto Tower is able through the Panorama Park (see also PANORAMA BUKITTINGGI PARK, THREE LOCATIONS OF DESTINATION)
Called a bunch invitation Great Wall because it is similar to a giant wall that is in China. But the dimensions are smaller, but when comparing the views presented by Husks Koto Gadang much more beautiful, especially with his Sianok canyon. Therefore, if you are in London or loss if it does not stop by or stop to this attraction.

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