4 Tips for Choosing a Good Short Sleeve Shirt



Shirt identical reflect about neatness man. In general, the man who likes to use both long-sleeved shirt and short shirt definitely has more value in the eyes of a woman about his performance. In addition, the man who likes to use the shirt in general have an image that they are an entrepreneur or a young executive. However, the Indonesian climate conditions are pretty hot, in general, people prefer to use a short-sleeved shirt in comparison with long-sleeved shirt.

There are several things to consider in choosing a good shirt for comfortable use. Some things to consider include:

1. Quality

Every other fashion designers and manufacturers have different standards in terms of quality. Thus, the manufacturer should choose clothes that are guaranteed and reliable quality, although it may be the price will be more expensive.

Quality is also talking about the kind of material, you should choose materials with natural fibers, namely cotton to make it more comfortable, and make sure the label on laleb 100% cotton clothes.

It also will buy the item when we have to examine all aspects such as the neat stitching least, buttons, folds, cuffs, and symmetry pieces of fabric also needs to be considered, because sometimes shirts, both long-sleeved shirts and short-sleeved shirt having seams and the pattern pieces are not simetris.

2. Section collar shirt

The collar is a fairly important part without us knowing. Good collar is a collar fixed in position when we use the shirt. The collar is good and fitting for us does not make us feel suffocated when using the shirt. Standard choosing a shirt collar that fits for us is put up our hands between the collar and neck, when we do this and still feel suffocated then, the collar is not suitable for us.

Although every shape shirt has a collar which sometimes vary, but the standard way this trial can still be used.

Other simple tips is, if you smallish better choose the type of collar is small and rather high, whereas if you are a man who was rather large should choose a collar with a slightly flared shape. http://kemejapria.net

3. In accordance with the shape of the body

make sure that you are comfortable when using a short-sleeved shirt or long-sleeved shirt is yours. You have to pay attention to the width of the chest, shoulder width and length of your body to keep it comfortable. If you have difficulty when bent or have to hold your breath while sitting can be certain that the shirt is too small for your body.

4. In accordance function and budget

Make sure that the shirt you choose according to your needs and in accordance with the budget that you have. Since there is always a nice short shirt that suits your every need and not always expensive item that has an equivalent quality