Culinary Tourism in Malang, Mandatory Try meatballs!

Culinary Tourism in Malang, Mandatory Try meatballs! – Useless to Malang vacation if not culinary. Especially if you do not try the meatballs Malang typical, that’s a big loss. Sempatkanlah typical culinary Malang meatballs, for example Meatballs President.

Meatballs President is one of the outlets culinary tourism Malang meatballs. The headquarters is in Jl Batang No. 5, or tourists can also come to the branch in Pandean or Pulosari.

detikTravel try meatballs President in Pandean. Located not far from shops by-by Current Jaya Jl Tumenggung Suryo, Malang.

Panel plaid red, yellow and green create a bright atmosphere in stores this meatballs Malang. Some visitors seemed to be enjoying Meatballs Malang President.

“If the unfortunate but do not try meatball, think how so. Do not forget to try the meatballs fuel as well, awful,” said Desti, a visitor Meatballs President.

A bowl of meatballs President price starting at USD 8000-25000 depends combination Unfortunately meatball mixture. The most special is that it costs Rp 25,000. Want to know the contents?

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The portion of the contents of the most special small meatballs, meatballs veins, wet and dry dumplings, tofu, offal, liver and gizzard large meatballs. Wow, very complete and certainly filling!

As already mentioned, meatballs fuel should also not be overlooked. Meatballs are baked with sweet soy dressing can be a fun snack while waiting for our orders Malang meatballs prepared. The price is Rp 10.000 / 4 meatball skewers contents. Nyamm!

President meatballs could be an option culinary tourism destinations in Malang. Various menu options are variations make tourists want to come again for another try.

In connection with the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Indonesia some time ago, also held Business Forum businessman Turkey and Indonesia. Tourism in Turkey is discussed seriously kosher because they have a great chance.

Cheriatna, Owner Travel Cheria who briefly attended the Business Forum, said halal tourism cooperation between Indonesia and Turkey tour operator will continue to be developed. Travel Cheria his tour operator for example, has been working closely with tour operators in Turkey since a few years ago and will continue to strengthen such cooperation.

“This is the result of a business meeting yesterday. We’ve been collaborating since 2012. Yesterday’s meeting we develop any further strengthen this,” said Cheriatna, Owner Cheria Travel Media Gathering event Cheria Travel Turkey Tourism Develop Twink Building, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (4 / 8/2015).

According Cheriatna, the Turkish government also continues to support the existing cooperation by giving a lot of convenience for tourists from Indonesia. As in the case of flight and visa.

“The plan will be a direct flight from Jakarta to Istanbul. People Indonesia go in there without having to complicated visa committee. There are visa on arrival USD 25,” he said. info wisata

With support from the government, Cheriatna also chose Turkey as one of the main destinations of halal travel packages from tour operators hers. During the tour of the halal travel, Indonesian tourists can go to various destinations relating to the history of Islam. Places of worship and halal food will be provided for tour participants.

“In Turkey, not only can learn the history but also an adventure. The difference in the Cheria can choose almost all cities in Turkey. The complete package saving 7-8 days. The food provided is halal, typical of Turkey, but still an appetite with Indonesia,” explains General Manager Cheria Desita Marseilha Travel.