6 Acne Treatments that Work? – How To Cure Acne Fast

There are many acne treatments that work, depending on the severity of your acne. To deal with acne, you can use home remedy. There are many ingredients that you can use for home acne treatment such as garlic, lemon, grapes, cucumber, honey, yogurt and others. This ingredients can be use as mask.

The natural acne treatments are safe to use and does not cause side effect and harm your skin health. If your acne is severe, you can use modern methods such as laser acne treatments. Acne laser treatment can resolve your problem more quickly. To speed up the healing of acne you must avoid various factors that trigger acne. Here is a tip that you can do to speed up the healing of acne.

acne treatment

  1. Avoid foods that trigger acne such as fatty food, and high sugar. These food can increase the production of oil on your skin and aggravate your acne.
  2. Avoid touching your face. Inflamed acne usually cause itching. Unconsciously, the itching triggered hand to touch the face with acne. Touching the face with acne can aggravate your acne. Bacteria and other germs that are on hand, will contaminate the face and cause new infections.
  3. Expand to eat foods rich in vitamin C, E and zinc. This food is widely available in fruits, vegetables, yogurt, fish milk, and others. Nutrients in these foods are very useful for repairing damaged tissues. Vitamin C and E can also function as anti oxidant and natural acne treatments.
  4. Using masks from natural ingredients. There are many natural ingredients that you can use as a mask for acne such as tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, cucumber and others. This ingredients are acne treatments that work and are safe to use.
  5. Avoid using cosmetics that are made from alcohol. These substances can make your skin dry and trigger new acne.
  6. Don’t over wash your face. It can make your skin face dry, and stimulate the more oil production.