This course is an intermediate level horticulture

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course designed to evaluate the basic techniques used for hydroponics
crop production. These techniques involved the use of soilless media to produce vegetable and fruit products for
market. Students will assess the importance of water quality, nutrient uptake and environmental conditions on the
growth and production of various crops.
Standard 1.0
The student will assess the effects of the history of hydroponics as it relates to current crop production.
Learning Expectations:
The student will:
1.1 Discuss past developments leading to modern hydroponics production techniques. ½
1.2 Examine why hydroponics greenhouse vegetable production is becoming mainstream agriculture. ½
1.3 Analyze why hydroponics crop production is more prevalent in other countries than the United States. ½
Evidence Standard is Met
The student will:
• Specify important events and changes leading to modern hydroponics technology.
• Discuss reasons why there is an increase in hydroponics vegetable production.
• Describe why other countries such as Holland and England have more acreage in hydroponics than the United
Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Government, Business, Marketing, Horticulture Industry Standards, SCANS
(Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills)
Sample Performance Tasks
• Create a retrospective timeline of hydroponics technology changes, which have occurred over the last 100 years.
• Develop a list of reasons why United States hydroponics production is on the increase.
• Develop comparisons between U.S. and foreign hydroponics production.
• Debate the importance of hydroponics in feeding the world’s growing population.


Outcome led structured programmes

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Although we would never allow a patient to be treated by an
untrained doctor or nurse, we often tolerate professional training
delivered by untrained teachers. Traditionally students were expected to absorb most of their medical education by attending
timetabled lectures and ward-rounds, moving rapidly from one
subject to the next in a crowded curriculum. Our junior doctors
learnt by watching their seniors in between endless menial tasks.
In recent years the importance of active, self directed learning in
higher education has been recognised.  for trainees are being developed in the face of reduced
working hours for both the learners and teachers. These all present
new challenges for teachers in medicine of all levels of seniority.
Throughout the world there is great interest in developing a set of
qualifications for medical teachers, both at the elementary
“teaching the teacher” level and as part of progressive modular
programmes leading to formal certification. In addition to acquiring
new qualifications and standards, teachers also need access to
literature resources that describe essential components in medical
education and supply tips and ideas for teaching.
This ABC began as an expressed wish of the BMJ to publish an
introductory and accessible text on medical education. It grew
into a book covering the more generic topics of learning and teaching
in medicine with the aim of illustrating how educational
theory and research underpins the practicalities of teaching and
learning. The editors invited an international group of authors on
the basis of their acknowledged expertise in the particular topics assigned to them. Each chapter was edited and illustrated to ensure
maximum accessibility for readers and subsequently peer reviewed by two educational experts. Their suggestions have been
incorporated into the finished book.
The ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine would not have been possible without the tireless support of BMJ editorial staff,
Julia Thompson, Eleanor Lines, Sally Carter, and Naomi Wilkinson. We would also like to thank Professor Paul O’ Neill and Dr Ed tafsir ibnu katsir lengkap

Peile for their excellent and timely peer reviews for each of the chapters. Finally we would very much welcome comments and
suggestions about this ABC from its most important reviewers, you the readers.

A. Establish the seedlings Materials needed

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PJA Santos and ETM Ocampo
Institute of Plant Breeding-CSC-CA, UP Los Baños
1. sowing tray – shallow box/basin with holes for drainage at the bottom
2. growing media –aged (not the new one) coconut coir dust or charcoaled rice hull or their mixture; saw dust
(possible with the old stock –not the new ones but not yet tested), fine sand (can be combined with coir dust
and or charcoaled rice hull)
3. seeds (buy from your local aggie store)
4. watering solution (water with SNAP nutrient solution)
1. Fill the sowing tray with a layer of the growing
media (about1 inch thick)
2. Level the media
3. Scatter the small seeds uniformly and thinly (the
amount depending on your need) 4. Water liberally as needed (Expect germination in 3
to 5 days)5. Grow the seedlings for 10 days before transferring
to individual growing cups (called seedling plugs). SNAP HYDROPONICS:DEVELOPMENT &POTENTIAL
Plant Physiology Laboratory, Institute of Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, UP Los Baños, College, Laguna 4031
Yearly losses in vegetable production are attributed to less-than-ideal weather conditions, soil-borne diseases and high incidence of
pests. Among the alternative agricultural systems, hydroponics appears to be a popular and acceptable solution for production under

Pengertian Tanaman Hidroponik –

conditions of space restrictions or unavailability of soil. However, most hydroponics systems that are available in the country are
input-intensive, requiring a large amount of capital.


Claim it with Flowers This Valentine’s Day

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Claim it with Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Valentine GiftsAs the Valentine’s Day nears, the entire environment loaded with scent of love as well as wherever we see there is merely tenderness and sweetness of stunning florals. Valentine florals appear to bring a wonderful romantic touch to both the provider as well as receiver. If one wonders why blossoms seem to be all time favorite gifts for all periods and also events, its time you present one to a dear person. The smile as well as delight that exudes out of their eyes will answer your inquiry.

Generally red roses are the first choice as Valentine blossoms to India but over the moment nay various other unique as well as fantastic florals have actually become symbols of love as well as recognition. Its time we look at a few of them and take a choice for this romantic season.

Red Roses: The initial pick to send out Valentine florals to India would certainly be deep colored roses. Their color stand for your interest as well as their meekness for the love you have for your sweetheart. You could present a simple bunch of roses or a developer plan. Both of these will definitely reveal your love in an extremely unique means.

Orchids: These flowers are personification of being unique. They bring a gentle elegance and also their beautiful shades will certainly never ever cannot make some really feel special. In a really unique method you will be celebrating you lover’s elegance and individuality by gifting these flowers.

Lily: there is rarely a heart which will not bloom at the view and also scent of these stylish flowers. As a bouquet of Valentine fresh flowers to India including Lilies reaches your fan’s arms, a lovely smile your flash on her face. It’s partly for the blossoms as well as partially because of how you taste of her.

Carnations: these are the blossoms that represent a bold and also lovely individual. Value your fan for the dreamer, professional and also achiever that she is with an intense arrangement of carnations clubbed with individualized valentine’s present to India. This is a wonderful way to claim both like and salute her in all that she does.

Gerbera Daisy: Right here is a blossom that would splendidly complement a vibrant individuality. Completely progressed sissies are like smiling faces handing down your joy to your fan. Their striking colors are excellent to commemorate puppy love or perhaps could be thought about as blossom of gratitude for a very bosom friend on Valentine’s Day.

Each blossom has its very own beauty and also quality. You can be sure of one thing that these are most ideal emissaries of your love gratitude.

Valentine GiftsAs the Valentine’s Day nears, the entire ambience fills with scent of love and anywhere we see there is just tenderness as well as sweet taste of gorgeous blossoms. Red Roses: The first pick to send Valentine florals to India would certainly be deep tinted roses. As an arrangement of Valentine fresh flowers to India containing Lilies reaches your enthusiast’s arms, a gorgeous smile your flash on her face. Their striking shades are ideal to commemorate young love or even could be thought about as floral of appreciation for a really dear good friend on Valentine’s Day.

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Sending out Valentine Flowers is a Wonderful Motion

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Sending out Valentine Flowers is a Wonderful Motion

We acknowledge Blossoms as a really attractive Valentine’s Day present. A valentine’s Day party might be considered as insufficient without a lot of revitalizing flowers. Whatever the value may be, florals express authentic feelings; esp.

Fresh blossoms with their scent intact would be supplied at your beloved’s door-step on Valentine’s Day. Simply utilize your net link and check out a couple of good online Valentine Gifts establishments. There’s a medley of exceptional Valentine florals online.

The fantastic feeling that we obtain by having these flowers around is matchless. Such enchanting Valentine Roses are offered in the form of a heart-shaped bouquet. If Heart-shaped Balloons, Soft teddy bears, as well as chocolates are additionally on your Valentine Present list this period, then Combos could be set up also along with blossoms.

You’ve planned to surprise your cherished at twelve o’clock at night this St. Valentine’s Day yet do not know just how to perform it? Well, online floral designers have remedies to all your Valentine suggestions. In enhancement, Since Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to express all the loves you have actually obtained inside your big heart for your dear ones, Bare it all this period by sending out large, king-size Rose Bouquets.

We acknowledge Florals as a very alluring Valentine’s Day present. A valentine’s Day event may be taken into consideration as incomplete without a bunch of revitalizing blossoms. Fresh blossoms with their scent undamaged would certainly be provided at your cherished’s door-step on Valentine’s Day. There’s a collection of exceptional Valentine florals online.

In addition, Because Valentine’s Day is your chance to share all the affections you’ve obtained inside your big heart for your dear ones, Bare it all this season by sending out big, king-size Rose Bouquets.

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Banana – A Delicious And also Healthy and balanced Choice

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Banana – A Delicious And also Healthy and balanced Choice

If you ask me to name my favorite fruit, the instant answer you would obtain would be the “banana”. A certain explanation for this I do not assume I have, however, this has held true for quite a few years now. I like bananas both the eco-friendly ones as well as the tiny yellow bananas.

The very first fruit I presume that enters your mind for a big percent of individuals would be the banana, do not know whether it is because of its very easy accessibility or the excellent taste. This is one fruit that is available throughout the year, which sure does make me actually grateful.

The bananas were at first restricted to the exotic areas of South-east Asia and Australia. However, with its growing popularity as well as incredible advantages the fruit has actually accessed throughout the tropical area. The banana has dispersed its wings everywhere as well as this appears from the fact that it is expanded in over 107 nations across the globe.

Whether it is eco-friendly, yellow or red banana, they all taste excellent. When talking of bananas one can not just go by taste alone, as this fruit has incredible capacity and also is an abundant resource of numerous vitamins. It is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium. High in iron as well as fiber, a banana a day could do you a lot good. It assists in regularizing the bowel movement, gives the physical body with the required quantities of potassium.

If at any type of point of time during the day, I experience a slight decrease in my sugar levels or hypoglycemia as it is called (does happen to me with fatigue and also difficult exercising) after that I find a banana the very best bet to getting my sugar levels back to regular. The best point to obtain you back on course genuine fast.

A banana can be consumed as it is or the adaptability of this fruit offers it the capacity to be made use of very artistically in several meals. The banana in the steamed form is a really yummy as well as healthy and balanced dish. In the state of Kerala which is known for bananas as well as the usages to which it is put, the banana in the steamed form is eaten as a part of breakfast. Bake, vapor or fry the banana provides you a scrumptious choice whichever means you choose to prepare it.

The fruit canister be perfectly integrated to make several delicious treats like a smoothie, the banana walnut loaf, banana flambee or even banana fritters that make for an excellent treat when served with gelato. Banana fritters is a simple to create meal that is popular in Indian along with Thai food. They are cherished in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Raw bananas are also utilized to create delicious chips that are remarkable treats for biting at any moment of the day. It is popular in the South Indian state of Kerala and also make for a big portion of exports.

A banana everyday in any type of kind can be fantastic both for your palate along with your health. Experiment with different banana based meals, it makes certain to make you fall for the fruit – if you currently have not.

I like bananas both the environment-friendly ones as well as the tiny yellow bananas.

When speaking of bananas one can not simply go by preference alone, as this fruit has remarkable potential as well as is an abundant resource of several vitamins. A banana could be eaten as it is or the versatility of this fruit gives it the possibility to be used extremely artistically in numerous meals. In the state of Kerala which is understood for bananas as well as the uses to which it is placed, the banana in the steamed type is consumed as a part of breakfast. The fruit can be beautifully incorporated to make numerous delicious treats like a shake, the banana walnut loaf, banana flambee and also even banana fritters that make for a wonderful treat when served with ice cream.

Golf Bags for Beginner Golfers

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Golf Bags for Beginner Golfers – You might be a golf beginner looking for your first set of golf clubs and equipment or a pro shopping for upgrades, but all will agree that golf bags are essential in the game. Next to golf clubs, a golf bag is one of the most important golfing equipment there is.

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It is considered a necessity. A good golf bag will lessen your worries on the golf course, (i.e. all your clubs are in their proper place) and you can focus on your teeing.

If you’re a beginner golfer, then golf bags are definitely a must. However, there are things that you should know before going to the nearest golf store and buying a golf bag on impulse. First, there are two types of golf bags? carry bags and cart bags.

Carry bags are golf bags that are used when you are planning to have a lot of walking on the golf course. Cart golf bags are those that you use when walking is not possible (as some golf courses prohibit walking), and riding a golf cart is your option. A beginner golfer will most definitely buy a walking bag at first, although if you are a serious beginner of the game, then you will eventually buy both types of golf bags.

If you are a newbie in the game, you might ask “What is a golf bag for? I only have four golf clubs.” A golf bag is a functional equipment rather than a fashion statement. It is not just for your golf clubs, but it can also hold your other golf equipment and accessories. Some advanced golf bags even have pocket coolers that can keep your drink ice-cold even for hours! You might want to consider that, especially when you will buy a carry golf bag.

When buying a golf bag, especially a carry golf bag, find a comfortable one. One should check the straps to see if it fits comfortably and whether it can be carried easily. Remember that your golf bag will be one of your trusted companions on the greens, and that you will spend hours with it. So choose wisely. Don’t buy low quality bags, because you will end up purchasing another bag in the next few months if your old golf bag tears up. You should also buy your golf bag depending on the number of golf clubs that you have. Most golf bags can carry up to 15 golf clubs. A tournament however limits the number of golf clubs in your golf bag.

Another important thing to consider when purchasing a golf bag is its weight. This is one of the most important things to know. Golf bags should be light enough to be carried or carted easily, but sturdy enough to hold your clubs and protect them. Some golf bags are even water resistant, and are rain proofed for the protection of your clubs. Most of these golf bags have 8 or 9 dividers or pockets. Again, the number of dividers that you will need depend on the amount of clubs and accessories you will carry. If you have many golf clubs then choose a golf bag with many dividers. However, these types of golf bags have the tendency to be heavier. Some bags can weigh less than 5 pounds! These types of bags are made up of space-age materials such as graphite, however, they more expensive. Berita Olahraga Terbaru dan Terlengkap di IndonesiaRemember that when buying golf bags, the lighter it is, the better and more comfortable it will be.

Diminished Value – Get the Compensation You Deserve After an Auto Accident

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Diminished Value – Get the Compensation You Deserve After an Auto Accident – The squeal of tires. The sickening sound of metal grinding against metal as you lurch forward in the driver’s seat. As you climb out of the car, you’re shaken – but thankfully you and the driver who hit you are not injured. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for your car. Even after you endure the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and the inconvenience of taking your car in for repair, the bottom line is that your car simply isn’t worth as much. “The resale value of a vehicle with an accident history is considerably less than a comparable vehicle that’s never been in an accident,” says Omar Quddus, President and Co-Founder of Advocate Auto Claims LLC.

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This phenomenon is called “diminished value,” and the at-fault or third party’s insurance company has an obligation to compensate the driver who was not at fault for this difference in market price. “Insurance companies are required to restore a vehicle to its pre-loss condition and value,” says Quddus. “Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t aware that they are entitled to diminished value compensation – and insurance companies don’t volunteer that information.”

That’s the reason Quddus is on a mission to educate consumers about their rights, and why Advocate Auto Claims pursues diminished value claims on behalf of drivers who weren’t at fault in accidents. “Even when consumers are aware of the diminished value issue, they’re often ill-equipped to handle the roadblocks that an insurance company will throw at them,” he says. “Each insurance company has its own internal procedures, but those procedures can vary from region to region.” Similarly, the laws and regulations governing diminished value differ greatly from state to state.

The maze of regulations and loopholes, as well as the harsh stance taken by auto insurance companies against diminished value claims leaves consumers with few options. “Consumers may be involved in an accident once or twice in a lifetime; they simply don’t have the resources and knowledge to get the compensation they deserve,” says Quddus.

Nissan, Mobil Terbaik Pilihan Keluarga IndonesiaThis is precisely why the owners of Advocate Auto Claims, who have more than 10 years of experience working with diminished value claims on behalf of fleet owners and rental car agencies, have opened their doors to consumers. While drivers can pay out of pocket for a vehicle inspection or a report to substantiate their claim, and an attorney may pursue such a claim in conjunction with a personal injury case, Quddus’ company handles every aspect of diminished value claims – and does so on a contingency basis. “The process of establishing diminished value and then negotiating the proper compensation is both an art and a science,” Quddus says. “We pride ourselves on our ability to get results, and don’t expect to be paid until you do.”

Car insurance rates predicted

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Car insurance rates predicted – There are ways to reduce your premiums without giving up coverage. One of the easiest things to do is get auto insurance rate quotes online. This will allow you to comparative shop stress free.

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Car insurance will vary depending on the insurance agency, your driving record, and the type of insurance you are looking to purchase. I you are looking for affordable car insurance or truck insurance then read on.

Raising your deductibles is the easiest way to reduce your rates. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium will be. The deductible is the portion you will have to pay in the event of accident, before your insurance coverage steps in. Itís important not to carry a deductible thatís more than what you are able to pay. Your insurance company will not honor its portion of the claim until youíve paid your deductible. However, the higher your deductible the lower your premium cost will be, so you need to find a

Always remember to ask your insurance broker for any available discounts. Quite often we forget to ask and they donít seem to volunteer the information. A clean record on the current policy for a certain period of time, having your homeowner’s coverage with the same insurer, taking a defensive driving course, having an accident free driving record, and having an approved anti-theft device will reduce your auto insurance rates.

The type of car you drive can also reduce your rates. Stay away from cars that have a high class rating. Rates vary among the different makes and models of vehicles. The different rates are based on the risk of accident, cost to repair, higher theft rates for a particular model and replacement costs such as with a new vehicle. So be sure your vehicle isnít going to be in a category that increases your rates too much.

A safe driving record consisting of no accidents and no traffic violations will get you the most substantial discount. Most insurance companies are very good at recognizing good driving habits. These are the drivers they want to insure because their risk is much lower.

Check around to make sure you are getting the best auto rates you can. Online auto insurance shopping has taken the guess work out of buying insurance and you can very quickly see if you are being hosed. So if your insurance is coming due now is the time to start shopping!.

If the car is old and not very valuable, comprehensive insurance is probably not worth buying as it can quickly add up to more than youíd ever receive in the event of an accident. You can save up to 20% by eliminating collision insurance. You may want to opt not to carry collision insurance as well which can save you and additional 20%.

Springtime Designing: Helpful information in order to Brighten Your house

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Leave behind winter season as well as hi in order to eco-friendly lawn, vibrant blossoms along with a year having a clean begin mud room lockers. Here are a few fantastic suggestions that will assist beautify your house with regard to springtime.


Instead of altering away your own furnishings, include a little springtime along with toss cushions, covers, slipcovers as well as drapes. Substitute made of woll as well as purple velvet along with 100 % cotton, chenille or even bed linen. Hemp, canvas as well as bamboo bedding materials additionally assist produce a organic feel and look in order to organize having a room’s organic decoration.

Select light colours or even additional colours influenced through Nature to actually help your house be really feel rejuvenated, airy as well as genuinely wonderful. Daring colours, for example vibrant lemon or even warm red, will even give a vibrant pizzazz. Flower as well as spring-themed materials will also be the encouraged add-on for that period.


Benefit from the clean blossoms from the period. Discover light-colored or even obvious floral vases as well as provide the outside within. Cherry flowers, tulip glasses, lilies as well as freesia give a stunning appear along with a fantastic fragrance to your house. Blossoms may brighten any kind of room.

Wicker, bamboo bedding as well as gentle wooden produce a springtime atmosphere. Attempt designing along with containers, little home furniture along with other add-ons produced from these types of organic supplies.

Artwork images really are a wonderful method to produce a stunning as well as periodic focus in order to any kind of space. Springtime scenery, light colours, parrots along with other nature-themed artwork images tend to be excellent options. Body these types of artwork images along with whitened, precious metal or even gentle wooden structures.

Springtime Cleansing

Help your house be seem like a brand new. Springtime may be the period associated with restoration, therefore place in your time and effort to some great springtime cleansing. Cleanse the actual layer wardrobe, dirt the actual racks as well as cleaner the actual flooring. Clean cupboards, doorway buttons as well as fittings. Clean up as well as disinfect lavatories, kitchen areas as well as washing areas. Reuse aged publications, papers as well as documents which are laying throughout the house.

Thoroughly clean your own home windows to savor the new, eco-friendly surroundings. Consider that one action additional as well as substitute large drapery along with pure drapes in order to allow sunlight within. Open up the actual home windows in order to allow outdoors penetrate via your house to get rid of winter season fragrances.

If you’re sensation additional driven, fresh paint an area for that period. Renew furnishings through piece of art this the lighter in weight colour. Attempt whitened, yellow-colored, gentle eco-friendly or even skies azure. Piece of art is actually a cheap quick-fix to alter the appearance of the space. The very best component may be the colour alter is not long term mud room lockers. You are able to usually change it out back again or even change it out upward with regard to various months.