How To Choose The Right Skip Bin Size

After doing a large construction or makeover, it can take many days to remove the waste. It means that you are spending more than 24 hours to deal with it. You are leaving your job, spending more energy on the waste. The case would be different if you try to contact Skip bin hire Perth. In fact, it is the most effective way to remove all the buildings waste and clean the space quickly. When you want to get Mini skip hire Perth service, make sure that you know the right size for your needs. It is because the skip bin size determines the cost you have to pay for the service.

Mini skip bin hire

First, you should know the size and its capacity to remove the waste. For example, dealing with backyard Mini skip bin hire means you should provide two to more than ten cubic meters of skip bins. To help you estimate the right size, we recommend you to compile all waste in the single place. Here, you can easily predict the volume of waste you want to remove.

Next, it is important to know the things you want to dispose of. We know that those all are waste. However, it is important to know that Australia has a strict waste removal regulation that all Mini skip hire Perth services must comply.

Keep in mind that you cannot use skip bins to remove hazardous waste. It means you cannot dispose of flammable liquids, vehicle tires, batteries, and others. You should use a website by the Perth City Council to know the type of waste you can dispose of by using skip bins.

Last but not the least you should have effective packing. It sounds something too much when you have to pack the waste to the skip bin. However, when you do this systematically, you can use every centimeter of the space inside the skip bin.

If you still have no idea about the best skip bin size, you can contact at 0419 760 174. Our company, Greedy Bins provides you the following bin sizes:

  • 4.5m3 – This size is perfect for bigger renovations, multiple rooms remodel.
  • 3.5m3 – Use it for moving home or removing old junks.
  • 2.5m3 – Great for single room makeover or spring cleans.

Our company has been working for many years in Mini skip hire Perth service. We have been known as the professional company to offer friendly service, fast respond, and reasonable price since 2001. Our team will assess the waste and suggest you the best Skip bin hire Perth for the size. Greedy Bins is available for you who live in Joondana, Landsdale, Joondalup, Perth and other areas in Western Australia only.

You can choose mixed-waste and general waste bins. These types let you remove general and green waste. Besides, mixed-waste bin is the right choice for disposing of sand, concrete, brick, and other building materials. If you are not sure, hire a larger Skip bin hire Perth size. It is because paying slightly more dollars are better than hiring one more separate bin.