6 Simple Tips for Good Health

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asd1Changing a few daily habits can mean the difference between being healthy and sick
Having good health is Jelly Gamat Gold G essential to living a happy and fun. Being healthy means that our body works normally and that no unbalanced. Being healthy is a balanced harmony of the body and the mind. Many times, the speed of life we ​​lead, we forget that health is wealth. We appreciate only when we are sick.

Healthy habits largely what determines in good health.

And when I mean habit, I mean exactly what you do every day: sleeping, eating, staying hydrated, sports, swimming, sun protection. Successful development of this habit will definitely help you live longer and healthier. Let’s walk through these tips for good health.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables: Ideally, eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But yes, I know you open your eyes because you think a lot. So here it goes: Five. Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and you’ll save a few visits to the doctor. A study at Harvard University said that this number provides the antioxidants and fiber needed to reduce heart disease and maintain a healthy weight (one serving is equal to about half the fruit, or a half cup of fruit or half a cup of vegetables).

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2. Exercise: Ideally 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (or more) 5 days or more a week. But I know that sometimes you have trouble getting up from the couch, because there you will be more manageable dose: how 17 minutes a day? This is equivalent to two hours a week. And you do not even need to do seguidito!

You can divide it into segments. And the benefits are not limited to: a healthy heart, healthy weight, toned muscles, become excited … etc, etc …

3. Sleep: If you are someone who is always sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day, you are on the right track. Recent studies have shown that people who have trouble sleeping or sleeping less than seven hours, increasing the risk of hypertension, heart disease and even diabetes. Our bodies need to rest and recharge for good health.

4. Stay hydrated: They used to say that eight is the magic number glasses of water a day you should take. Now we know that it does not need to drink eight, but drinking liquids with meals and whenever you feel thirsty. Drink more if you exercise or hot weather. The only people who can not rely on thirst to drink water are young children and the elderly because it thirst mechanism is not working properly and should remember to drink. I do not know if you know, but the body is made of water and fluid needs to run.

Other liquid sources are fruits, soup, tea and vegetables. Remember, water = good health.

5. Wash your hands with soap and water, ideally, using soap for at least 15 seconds. Several studies have shown that washing hands with soap and water removes more than 90% of the microbes that cause infection and can transform your health. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, touching someone who is sick, and when you are cooking.

Especially when you touch raw meat and vegetables that are not washed.

6. Use sunscreen: Daily. No matter who is cloudy. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays to prevent skin damage, including cancer. Ideally blocker minimum SPF 15.

Having and maintaining good health depends in part on our habits. Better safe than sorry. So consider these tips and put them into practice!

Causes of Acne Stone Frequently Ignored

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Causes of Acne Stone. Having a clean smooth skin is the dream of all people both men Waupun woman. But many people are not fortunate to be thinking about the skin clean and smooth, especially in the face. The problem most often appear on the skin of the face is none other than acne, yeah right, acne is very disturbing appearance of a person. But many people are not aware of what they are doing is actually menimbulkna acne in later in the day.

Nahh topic we are discussing about the time the cause of cystic acne. Different cystic acne with acne as usual, for healing was also more’s hard. Cystic acne has a larger size in comparison with regular acne, this is due to severe inflammation that occurs in the skin. Cystic acne disa grown in all parts of the face as well as on the chin, the presence of cystic acne is certainly very disturbing, besides disturbing appearance, cystic acne also looks very disgusting. Well for those of you who want to avoid cystic acne, you should know the cause of acne apasih stones. The following will discuss the unique news.
Causes of acne stone

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– Lifestyle, especially on the type of food you eat, food hindarlah mengadung excess fat and carbohydrates, because it can trigger the growth of cystic acne on your face.

– Allergy, Allergies to certain foods can also cause acne, as you are allergic to seafood, rich shrimp, squid, mussels and other seafood. Whether its you avoid foods that make you allergic.

– Dead skin cells, skin regeneration is slow also can trigger acne

– The condition of the skin, oily skin is a major cause of acne, acne either normal or cystic acne. Oily skin can be caused by hormonal factors, a diet high in fat and carbohydrates, or also because of the heat, but it is easy sweaty skin can also trigger acne timbulya, to overcome this you should diligently wash your face, if you need to use a special soap washing the face.

– Cosmetic face, One cosmetics are also the main causes of acne, acne either normal or cystic acne. You must be careful in choosing cosmetics, make sure you match the facial skin cosmetics you use. cara menghilangkan jerawat Excessive use of cosmetics can also trigger acne. Basically all of the cosmetic use of chemical drugs, it is not good for the skin if used excessively.

– Bacteria, bacteria can also cause cystic acne, bacteria can grow rapidly in the skin glands are clogged and produce toxins that cause skin irritation.

Blockage of skin glands, If your skin glands clogged, then dust with dirt and sweat and oil will cause cystic acne on your face.

– Heredity, Heredity can also be a major cause of acne stone, it is due to the presence of genes from your mother or father who has excess oil glands or even over-active.

– Hands are not higienes, ordinary Jerawta could be cystic acne if you frequently prying or touch acne, it will aggravate acne especially if your hands are dirty and many bacteria.

Thus some of the causes of cystic acne, from now on you have to keep your face clean by frequently washing your face to avoid acne stone, if you’ve already hit your cystic acne can be overcome by reading the article How to remove acne rock with ease. Hopefully the above article useful

Acne is a very sick Stone

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Nutmeg is one of the types of spices, but terkandungnya benefits are numerous, one of which is benefit for beauty. Very true nutmeg but used as a spice can also be utilized for beauty. Maybe most people do not know if nutmeg contains antioxidants that are essential for our skin. In addition nutmeg also contains natural oils that provide moisture to the hair shaft.

Nutmeg is a plant a tree from Banda Islands-embarrassment. Because of the high value snagat as spices then in antiquity nutmeg has become a very important commodity trading since the Roman era. Nutmeg contains oil astiri, antioxidants, energy, protrin, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B1, and C, which are beneficial to health and kecantikan.Nahh friend, you are interested to take advantage of nutmeg to your beauty? Here we will discuss the benefits of nutmeg for beauty.

source image from : dirojer.blogspot.com

Extraordinary efficacy Nutmeg Seed For Beauty

1. Overcoming pimples and blackheads
Potent efficacy nutmeg first is to treat acne. This is because the nutmeg contains a very powerful natural antiseptic to prevent fungal and bacterial infections that cause acne and blackheads. Use nutmeg along with honey and cinnamon as you face mask. Let stand for 10-15 minutes then you wash it with clean water.
2. It makes hair soft and manageable
Natural oils contained in nutmeg extremely helpful to your hair shaft. The natural oils can provide moisture and softness to your hair. The way that you use it to kondioner nutmeg.
3. Make a beautiful and clean skin
Natural oils found in nutmeg can also be used to make your skin more beautiful. The way is easy that is by applying a nutmeg seed oil as lotion regularly and feel the results a few weeks later.
4. Make your youthful
Nutmeg in addition can make your skin more beautiful, it turns nutmeg can also eliminate the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. To obtain these benefits you can mix nutmeg trap as much as one tablespoon with a tablespoon of milk.

Thus 4 Efficacy potent nutmeg for beauty. Never underestimate nutmeg or other spices. They are as we know only as herbs, turns out to have a very big manfata for beauty. Hopefully the above information useful and thank you